Due to the continuing spread of COVID-19 across the globe, a variety of measures have been enforced by the government to help prevent the transmission of the Coronavirus. Because of this, all group-based activities at Specialist Autism Services have were suspended. We are now preparing our building for reopening.

In light of the recent developments, Specialist Autism Services will continue to provide autism specific support using methods that adhere to the government restrictions.

We are continuing to monitor the situation and liaise with the relevant councils in order to adapt our service and provide the best possible support during these difficult and uncertain times.


Our continuing support

Many of the workshops we provide at Specialist Autism Services will continue to run in new adapted formats; utilising group video calls, conference calls and other creative methods to ensure we are still providing autism specific support that adheres to the government restrictions.

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Using a variety of accessible methods, we will ensure that all our members will receive daily wellbeing checks from familiar staff. Our members will be able to contact us at any time during work hours using their preferred methods of contact.


Interactive Online Workshops

During the COVID-19 restrictions we will be hosting a variety of interactive online workshops, to replace our usual group-based workshops at Specialist Autism Services. The workshops will be run remotely, by our staff and facilitators, using video conferencing software. 

Learn Zoom

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View our workshop timetable - Bradford

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View our workshop timetable - Leeds

Click here to view our video workshop timetable for the Leeds site.

With vital feedback from our members, we will continue to adapt our online workshops and working practises to ensure that everyone is receiving the best support possible during the COVID-19 restrictions.



Easy read Covid-19 testing guidance

This will provide easy read guidance on the testing process for Covid-19 (Nose and throat swab)

Guidance from the NAS

A range of helpful resources including benefits information and using the supermarkets.

How to get help during Covid-19 (NHS)

This resource is to help you understand how you can get NHS help when you need it.

Access to health services during Covid-19 (NAS)

"We have highlighted the most important changes that affect autistic people and their families"

Changes to the benefits system and financial support for people in work (NAS)

"As a result of the effects of the coronavirus outbreak, the Government has made changes to the employment and disability benefits system, which could affect the support autistic people are able to access."

Coronavirus messages in your language

"We have translated key coronavirus messages in the twelve most spoken languages in Leeds."