Your path to specialised Autism support starts here.

Our Referrals page is your starting point for accessing the specialised support and services we offer. On this page, you’ll find information about our day activities/opportunities and the other services we provide, our eligibility criteria, and how to make a referral.

We aim to make the referral process as simple and straightforward as possible, see below for our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Our team will answer any further questions you may have, you can find their contact details on the referral form.

How can I access Specialist Autism Services?

Complete a referral form below for the service you are interested in and send it to us by email or post. When we have received your form our team will contact you regarding the next steps.

You could be referred to us by:

Your social worker

A GP or health professional

A relative or friend


Referral Forms

Please choose the referral form for the service you are interested in from the choices below. You will find further guidance and instruction on the bottom of each form. The referral forms are in a Microsoft Word format. If you require a different format or need help completing your form please contact us.


Daily social skills workshops at our Bradford site.

Eligibility Criteria

Autism First

A unique service specifically for adults with autism who have additional needs.

Eligibility Criteria


Daily social skills workshops at our Leeds site.

Eligibility Criteria


Daily social skills workshops at our Calderdale site.

Eligibility Criteria


Autism-specific counselling and therapies.

Eligibility Criteria


Explore, gain and sustain work with our Employment support.

Eligibility Criteria

Autism Reach

Online social and communication skills development groups.

Eligibility Criteria

Keighley Hub

Weekly social skills workshop at the Central Hall in Keighley.

Eligibility Criteria

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We are aware of the long waiting time for people who are seeking a diagnosis so, if you have a diagnosis of Autism or are still waiting for a diagnosis you can access Specialist Autism Services.

Go see your Doctor (GP), explain you think you may have autism and ask for referral for an autism assessment. It helps if you can write a list of the reasons why you think you may have autism to share with your doctor. Think back to when you were a child and now as an adult and include the difficulties/differences you have. It is also helpful to ask your family members or someone you know well and write down why they think this is the case too.

If there is a long waiting list for a diagnostic assessment in your local area you have the right to choose another diagnostic service which may have a shorter waiting list. Ask your GP for an approved list of services

Complete the relevant referral form for the service/site you are interested in and send it to us. A manager will contact you to discuss this further and arrange a visit. We also offer taster sessions to help you to choose what you what like to do.

You can arrange to visit us first, but if you can complete a referral form straight away it helps us, and we can let you know if we think our service can meet your needs.

You may be entitled to funding from your local council, we can discuss this with you when you contact us.

You may be able to pay for this yourself or we may have a free project you could access.

Yes, if you are able to do this. Or, if you do get funding from your local council, you may get it in the form of Direct payments, this means you have control over the money they give you for your support and you can pay for your support with this money.

A social worker can help you to identify what you need to be independent, healthy and happy. They can assess your needs and find out if you are eligible for funding for our service or for other services. They may also inform you of free services within your local community.

You can complete the referral form or someone who knows you well, it can also be completed by a social worker or other professional.

We are currently working in schools with local school children, and also offer Lego clubs which children and their parent/s can take part in.

Contact us and we can help you to complete the online referral form, or you can download a referral form, or we can send you a referral form by post.

You can contact our head office (Bradford) and we will be happy to help! Contact us

If you have funding in place, it can take as little as 6 weeks.

If you need a Care Act Assessment from Adult Social Care, it can take longer depending on how busy they are.

Please contact us, we are happy to help!