Social Enterprise

A non-profit organisation that benefits society

When they profit, society profits

A social enterprise is a non-profit organisation that benefits society. All profits are reinvested into the organisation and the local community.

1 %

of adults with autism are currently in full-time employment.

1 %

of adults with autism are in some kind of paid work.

1 %

of adults with autism say they would like to receive employment support

None of the above statistics are inevitable and we believe it is our key responsibility to improve these. This is especially important when you consider the range of skills and talents that individuals with autism have to offer an employer – they may have fantastic attention to detail, be very reliable and punctual, effective at sticking to deadlines and timetables and be very honest and hard-working.

Our enterprises

In line with our strategic aims, we are committed to developing projects across Yorkshire that provide meaningful employment experiences for adults with autism, alongside our direct support provision.

 We have launched a number of social enterprise initiatives that do just that.

Autism Bricks UK

We live and breathe all things Lego

We sell preloved bricks through an online store. We restore all used bricks to their former glory, so that people can continue to enjoy them.

We offer a range of LEGO related services, whether you are looking to buy specific bricks, rent custom LEGO sets, or have a bespoke project in mind that would like to commission.

Autism Gifts UK

Unique gifts, perfect for all occasions

Hand-made unique gifts, created by adults with autism.