Social Skills Evening

Providing opportunities for adults with autism that cannot otherwise access daytime support

"My motivation is boosted since coming to Specialist Autism Services, I feel more confident to work towards my goals now!"

Providing opportunities

Alongside daily social skills workshops, we also provide a weekly social skills evening to provide opportunities for individuals with autism, including those who cannot otherwise access our daytime support.

The evening is a fun and supportive way to develop and practise social skills, and make friends.

The evenings follow a quarterly social skills programme based on the topics raised by members of the group. The evenings alternate between in-house sessions and events in the community.

Our social skills evening currently takes place every Thursday at our Bradford site, 5pm to 8pm.

Practise social skills
and make friends

Throughout the programme you will learn about different social skills and also increase your independence, practise travelling to places, learn and share strategies and build your confidence. These are all important skills that will help in all aspects of life.

We will meet with individuals regularly while attending our social skills evening so that we can listen to feedback, and plan future sessions and opportunities.

In house-sessions

These sessions provide individuals with an opportunity to learn and develop different social and communication skills. Some of the topics we have covered in the past include confidence-building, friendships and relationships, dealing with anger and anxiety, working as part of a team, and emotions. 

Social outings

Every other week the group can take part in social outings in the community, where they can practise the skills learned in previous weeks. Recent social outings chosen by the members included bowling, restaurants, and karaoke.

Need more information?

Our social skills evening is currently delivered at our Bradford site, every Thursday, 5pm to 8pm.