Social Skills Learning Program

A structured programme of daily social skills workshops

"Talking to other people is less overwhelming for me in my workplace."

Providing Opportunities

We run a structured programme of daily social skills workshops to provide opportunities for individuals to develop social skills in a non-pressured and engaging environment.

Support from highly trained staff

Through an autism-specific learning programme, individuals will be supported by highly trained staff to build confidence, increase independence, form relationships and develop practical skills, whilst also having fun.

Member-led workshops

We offer a wide variety of different workshops, such as creative arts, drama, money and business, wellbeing and personal development, community engagement, employability, and independent living.

Although the subjects are very different, the workshops are all similar in that individuals are supported according to their individual learning style, to enable individuals to progress towards their personal goals.

Members of the group work together to choose the subjects and topics delivered in the workshops.

Many workshops access the community regularly, allowing individuals to become more comfortable travelling independently, and to provide more opportunities to practise using the skills they have developed in different environments.

Individuals are met with frequently to gain feedback, make adjustments to their person-centred support, and to help with progression onto new opportunities. 

Specialist Autism Services


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Our Social Skills Learning Programme is currently delivered at our Bradford, Leeds and York sites, our workshops run 52 weeks of the year, 5 days a week.