Thought Bubble Comic Art Festival

The Festival

Last weekend saw the UK’s largest comic art convention take place in Harrogate (they’ve outgrown Leeds) and the Conference Centre served as home for over 470 stalls, fans and cos-players for the weekend.

There was so much going on; Batman being locked out of his hotel rooms, our star sales person, The Walking Dead experience, The Travelling Man Dance, that the two days just flew by.

Bub's Lounge

The feedback we got on this year’s Bub’s Lounge was fantastic, a quiet space that allowed people to relax, contemplate and then re-engage with the busy trading halls, many people were grateful it was there, so they could stop longer at the event. It proved so popular, that it could have been twice as big and it was so quiet, we removed the noisy Lego we’d provided for people to play with.

Thanks to Girl Gang Leeds for the big bed and Emma and Richard for being the friendly faces on display. We’ve been recommended to contact the Manchester Comic Con and do the same. Great Caesar’s Ghost! 

Thanks also to the tireless organiser Martha and her team and their huge support and generosity. 
Also, all the people who called by our stand and said Hi and provided positive feedback. 
Finally, the team who staffed the event over the weekend, Beth, Rob, Laura, Debs, Janice, Yussef, Martin, Sandy and Gary. Plus Guy and Sal for the media coverage and all the members who attended and helped out on the stall

Kim- Joy of British Bake Off fame (see her links below) was kind enough to accept our gift of our members comic book- Operation Uprising, The Unlikely Heroes.

Thought Bubble